New trends in high temperature materials application

This project is supported by Visegrad Fund ( under the number 22020024

The main issue of the project is to “visualize” and spread the scientific expertise and potential of “high-temperature materials” scientist of V4 countries among all the world scientists during the 17th Conference on High-Temperature Materials Chemistry (HTMC XVII).

The strategy is to bring together scientists, students and professionals to discuss all aspects of inorganic materials for high-temperature applications. This topic covers a very wide scale of aspects thus is opened to relatively wide scientific audience. Moreover, the dominant aspect of this topic will be the energy saving in all its versions. This covers problems of materials research connected to solar heat energy accumulation, nuclear power generation, efficient energy buildings, and metals production focusing on critical elements defined by European Raw Materials Initiative launched by EU commission. It is clear that such a wide topic requires interdisciplinary approach thus people from the fields of chemistry, physics, material research, engineering and applications, theoretical chemistry, electro-chemistry, molten salts, thermo-chemistry, earth and planetary science, and metallurgy, who are studying high-temperature phenomena in solid and liquid materials are expected to be attracted. It means that the interdisciplinary will be the dominant aspect of the conference in order to exchange experiences from different fields of research and applications. Such an approach is not typical for specialized conferences and it will fill missing communication canals between research and praxis.

During the conference, the expert’s discussion will be orientated towards solving of current scientific problems, covering three sectors: science, education and applied research. Discussions will support the spreading of V4 scientist`s expertise, skills, knowledge and competences among the rest of the EU and all around the world researchers. Attention will be paid to the young scientists` involvement.

The unneglectable dimension of the project will be the creation of prospective topics and consortia for future projects in the frame of the Europe Horizon program.

The following activities are planned:

  • To create a special session focused on the presenting V4 researchers’ results among the international audience (within the main program).
  • To create a special session with particular attention to young scientists presenting their research and presenting the research positions in V4 countries (within the main program).
  • To create a special session oriented to the selection of the most urgent problems that should be solved e.g. in the frame of energy savings (might be done as a parallel session of the main program).