About HTMC

HTMC-XVII provides unique possibility to meet with key scientists and stakeholders in the fields of high temperature materials chemistry. Already 17th meeting gives evidence of the top level quality of the conference series. One of the substantial part of the meeting is the active involvement of young scientist to the programme.

This series of conference is well established and recognised among forum of scientists from all around the world. The focus of the meeting is to bring together people from the fields of chemistry, physics, material research, engineering and applications, theoretical chemistry, electro-chemistry, molten salts, thermo-chemistry, earth and planetary science, and metallurgy, who are studying high temperature phenomena in solid and liquid materials.

Thus we cordially invite you to register and participate on this exceptional meeting which will be organised by the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and will be held from June 6th to 11th 2021 in Starý Smokovec, Slovakia (located in the High Tatra mountains – a treasure of Slovak nature).


ORGANIZING COMMITTEE (members are from Institute of Inorganic Chemistry Slovak Academy of Sciences)

  • Miroslav BOČA (chairman)
  • Michal KORENKO
  • Blanka KUBÍKOVÁ
  • Zuzana NETRIOVÁ
  • Helena PÁLKOVÁ
  • Marica SLANÁ


  • Miroslav BOČA(Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS, Slovakia)
  • Peter ŠVEC (Institute of Physics SAS, Slovakia)
  • Ján HÍVEŠ (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Technology and Materials, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia)
  • Dušan GALUSEK (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS, Slovakia)
  • Zoltán LENČÉŠ (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS, Slovakia)


  • BERNARD, Samuel (France, CNRS)
  • BESSADA, Catherine (France, CNRS)
  • DUSZA, Ján (Slovakia, Slovak Academy of Sciences)
  • CHEN, George Zheng (UK, University of Nottingham)
  • FAHRENHOLTZ, William G. (USA, Missouri University of Science and Technology)
  • ILINYKH, Nina (Russia, Institute of Metallurgy, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of
  • KIM, Young Wook (Republic of Korea, The University of Seoul)
  • MACA, Karel (Czech Republic, Brno University of Technology)
  • MOTZ, Gunter (Germany, Universität Bayreuth)
  • SHI, Zhongning (China, North Eastern University)
  • SIDOROV, Valeriy (Russia, Ural State Pedagogical University)
  • SMITH, Anna (Nederlands, TU Delf)
  • VALENZA, Fabrizio (Italy, National Research Council)
  • WU, Ping (Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design)
  • XING, Xianran (China, University of Science and Technology Beijing)
  • ZHANG, Jingxian (China, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Previous conferences HTMC

  • 2018 – Ekaterinburg Russia (website)
  • 2016 – Orleans, France
  • 2012 – Beijing, China
  • 2009 – Davis, USA
  • 2006 – Vienna, Austria
  • 2003 – Tokyo Japan
  • 2000 – Jülich, Germany
  • 1997 – University Park, USA
  • 1994 – Vienna, Austria
  • 1991 – Orleans, France
  • 1989 – Gaithersburg, USA
  • 1987 – Rome, Italy
  • 1989 – Santa Fe, USA
  • 1981 – Harwell, UK
  • 1979 – Toronto, Canada
  • 1977 – Odeillo, France